Our Expertise Is The Foundation Of Our Strategy

Our expertise in this field is of paramount.


Sustainable Construction

Our sustainability experts provide advanced technical and constructability support to your design, development, and construction teams. We help you make informed, commercially viable design decisions in the delivery of high-performance, low-impact buildings.

Building Revitalization

Our team brings together cost-effective solutions, leading-edge design, and high-performance building systems to help you transform your aging and dated asset into a distinctive modern structure, with the dynamic urban character critical to attracting high-quality tenants.

Virtual Design and Construction

Empire Development is able to apply virtual construction technologies to deliver projects ahead of schedule and within budget. These technologies are used for planning, coordination, and communication on civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and commercial buildings construction projects.

Commercial & Retail Builds

We assure our clients of end-to-end responsibility, accountability and expertise. We provide architectural and engineering services at lowest possible costs with consistent quality, demonstrable value and on-time, on-budget performance.


A little snippet of what we do

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Our expertise in this industry is well over a decade. We ensure we bring on board the best of the best resources and equipment.

Our oversight on each and every project is  paramount. We try to reduce cost where possible while ensuring safety and efficiency.

Our services


  • Extensions & Loft conversions
  • Refurbishment projects
  • Electrical design with NIC electricians


  • Quality Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Automated and Sliding gate specialists
  • Commercial refurbishments


  • Garage conversions
  • Hard & Garden landscaping
  • Roofing

 Commercial & Retail Builds

  • Meet Quality Standards
  • Project management procedures
  • Work hours that minimize disruption
  • Sustainable design solutions


  • Electrical design with NIC electricians
  • Quality Kitchens and bathrooms

How we work?

  • COST


    Cost is important, so it is transparent. You have constant access to the current spend and detailed breakdowns



    Our project management expertise as well as our JIT and SCM systems allows to streamline processes and ensure we have everything in order when it needs to be in order. This allows us to give you an estimated time of completion and make sure we meet your deadlines.



    Our project managers and analyst do a keen job understanding the details. We use various technologies to have a thorough understanding of what work needs to be done. We then plan to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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"Create with the heart; build with the mind."


These guys really do bring the best of the best to our projects.

Empire Development went above and beyond for our project. At first we were ecstatic about the models the virtual models and architectural designs they provided us. However we really was pleased when we saw they level of expertise they brought to the actual sight. We are truly looking forward to working with them in the future.

"We are all constructed out of our self dialogue."


The expertise and professionalism was greatly appreciated..

The level of attention they paid to detail was outstanding. From design to implementation they were above and beyond my expectation. Our projects were managed with expertise, we did not have to worry about anything going wrong because they oversaw every step of the project. We will definitely work together in the future.